What is "stay woke"? RICCI EVERYDAY and Social Justice

Hello everyone, I'm Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

February is over. February has only 28 days, so it feels like the time is faster than usual.

By the way, this is a column related to the day of "World Social Justice Day" on February 20.

It looks like kanji and it looks like a difficult theme, but let's think about "social justice" through this column!



1. What is the day of world society justice?

2. What is social justice?


Four. RICCI EVERYDAY and Social Justice

1. What is the day of world society justice?

February 20 is an international day designated by the United Nations, called the "World Social Social Justice Day". Enlightenment activities are carried out around the world to eradicate poverty and realize fair society.

For example, ILO (International Labor Organization) has published a video message that shows concerns that pandemics have widened the gap between domestic and nations, along with this year's social justice.


2. What is social justice?

What is social justice in the first place? It sounds difficult, but according to the Japanese language dictionary

"The correct reason in consideration of the common wisdom of the world. Equality under the law, equal rewards for the same work, etc."

... apparently ...

For example, the fact that there is a wage gap between regular employment workers and non -regular employment workers, for example, is contrary to social justice.



So what kind of action should we take to protect "social justice"?

The word “stay woke” means “wake” (wake -up) derived from “consciousness (for social issues and unauthorized)”.

To raise the voice of the unfair and unauthorized society of society around the world.

I think this is what we are seeking now.

Four. RICCI EVERYDAY and Social Justice

The policy we are raising is "Seriously," the right thing. " "is.

There are many problems in the fashion industry. Poor production environment for making low -priced products, load on the environment, animal welfair, mass disposal, etc.

RICCI EVERYDAY is not a brand that is based on someone's expense, but a brand that wants to be a brand that gives power or hopes for the future.

Our efforts are introduced in the column at any time! Please check the related columns.

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