Uganda education and RICCI EVERYDAY

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The other day, the university enrollment common test (old center exam) is over, and it is in the midst of the exam season. I think it's nostalgic (how many years ago ... lol), but some of the readers who are reading acclaimed examinations and some children are examinees. Well! Please do your best a little more! !

By the way, January 24 was "International Day of Education". "International Day of Education" was "in 2018 by the United Nations"The day to celebrate the role of important education for world peace and human developmentWas established as ".

This time, we will deliver a column related to the international day of education while interweaving Uganda's educational circumstances.♪


(From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

1. Uganda education

2. RICCI EVERYDAY and education

3. in conclusion

1. Uganda education

I was told by a friend who was volunteering at an elementary school in Uganda's Ruwero prefecture about Uganda's educational situation!

It has become an educational system of elementary school seven years, four years in the second half of the second half (junior high school in Japan), two years in second semester school (high school in Japan), and then a university.


(From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

In elementary schools, in addition to arithmetic, society, science, physical education, living departments, official language English, they also provide local Luganda and religion classes. In a religious class, a pastor who lives nearby comes and tells you.

At the elementary school where my friend worked, there were 50 to 100 students in one class! I'm surprised ...

(From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

There are many dormitories in schools, and there are patterns that pay a little more money and go from the dormitory, and a pattern from home. In addition, the teacher's house is on the school premises.

There are many different things from Japan!

2. RICCI EVERYDAY and education

Uganda often seems to be unable to go to high school or university due to economic problems, or even if he can, he cannot go to graduation.

In RICCI EVERYDAY studio, some staff have been able to get university tuition and graduate by starting to work on RICCI EVERYDAY. He seems to be able to pay not only his tuition but also his sister's tuition.

And I use what I learned at university in RICCI EVERYDAY work. (For more informationThis columnfrom! )


In addition, there are many Japanese RICCI EVERYDAY staff who work while studying at universities and graduate schools. And we are struggling to return the learning to work and society.

3. in conclusion

It's deeply emotional to think that people can learn and return it to society and life through the RICCI EVERYDAY business.

Especially in Uganda, women who have to give up various things due to economic difficulties and social situations are active in the RICCI EVERYDAY workshop.

"I want to remove the stereotypes surrounding them and create a lot of places where they shine."

We want to continue to face the business while taking care of this feeling.


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