500 yen for donation and set purchase (RICCI EVERYDAY)

¥500 - point

tax included postageWill be calculated at the time of check -out

Color: 01 Pink

Be Organic Bam (RICCI EVERYDAY) 01 Pink

Be Organic Bam (RICCI EVERYDAY) 02 Green

If you have purchased the products of RICCI EVERYDAY, you can purchase a collaborative of 500 yen for the collaborative.All 500 yen will be donated to the Certified NPO Corporation, Terra Renaissance.

The NPO Corporate Terra Renaissance http://www.terra-r.jp/

The foundation was established in Kyoto in October 2001 for the purpose of realizing a world peace in which all life is safe to live.RICCI EVERYDAY, Cambodia, Laos, Burundi, Congo and other countries are engaged in activities to support the four issues of "mine, small arms," "small arms," "children's soldiers," and "peace education" in addition to the four issues that are being addressed in the area.This donation will be used in Uganda's "Supporting Project for the Reinstatation of the Child's Social Reinstatation."

"We want to be more oriented towards the Earth and to expand the ring of activities."

RICCI EVERYDAY, an active organic brand, and Ugandan lifestyle brand RICCI EVERYDAY, has achieved collaboration from the desire to broaden the ring of activities while facing people and the earth.

Be × RICCI EVERYDAY-Original Bamm

A collaborative design bar that uses two colors of pink and green that have been taken as an image of the African print of RICCI EVERYDAY.RICCI EVERYDAY has been used to deliver the film along with the original suit.

The raw material is 100 % natural-origin, and can be used for the entire body of hair, face, lips, hands, fingernails, etc.Be a unique original fermented leikes * 1, which is a common beauty component of skin care, can be softened due to the body temperature of the hand, and it is easy to use in a place where it can always be filled with the heat.

* 1 (Aspelgillus/Saccharomise)/(Magwa Fruit/Rice) fermenting lees extract

Be unique, org-blend, and a pleasant organic beam.

The refreshable fragrance of the Be Organic beams is made by blending the Be-specific oil that is based on lavender, rosemary, and bergamot.It is a gentle fragrance that you can use to use in your family and partner.

I'm very comfortable with the rigorous organic authentication.

The raw material is 100 % natural origin ingredients.In addition, we obtained a strict JOCA authentication * 3, which does not use synthetic components in manufacturing methods and processes.We have obtained the W certificate for the echo-cosmos Organic Authentication * 4.

3. Japan Organic Cosmume Association: In addition to its 100 % natural ingredients, Japanese organizations (general incorporated associations) adopt rigorous standards that do not use synthetic components even in manufacturing methods and manufacturing processes.http://joca.jp/oc/?page_id=315

The ECOCERT ECOCERT was established in France in 1991 and conducted tests in more than 80 countries, based in Europe.In 2010, five European institutions, including Ecassert, took part in the creation of COSMOS/Cosmos Certification as the world's first organic-cosmic standard for organic cosmic unification.The world share is about 75 %.Depending on the rate of organic ingredients, the two types of "organic authentication" and "natural authentication" are handled.


How to use

Take the right amount to the point, and let the drying be the part of the mind.It can also be used for faces, lips, hands, fingernails, heels, heels, hair, etc.

congent composition

Olive oil */ mites */ mint oil */ millet oil/bergamot oil/lavender oil */ Rosemary Oil/Rosewali seed oil/Topoferol (Aspergillus/sakalomise)/(Maguwa fruit/rice) fermented lees/water ** /ethanol *

* Organic raw materials

** Raw of organic origin

Usage notes

  • Use it carefully to use if there are any abnorms in your skin.
  • If the cosmetic products do not fit your skin, you should stop using them.If you continue to use cosmetic products, you will be able to worsen your symptoms, so you will be able to consult your dermatologist and other specialists.
    1. In the case of use, red, hare, crushed, stimuli, shirokuro (white spot), and kurozumi (black mite) are found.
    2. In the case of direct sunlight in sunlight, as used in the skin of the sun, the above mentioned abnormare was found.
  • If there are any abnormities in your skin, such as wounds, swelling, moisture, and caps, please stop using your skin.
  • If you're in your eyes, wash your eyes with the clean water immediately and not even.
  • Make sure that the cosmetics are clean hands, and after use, close the caps firmly, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidification, and store them in a place that is not accessible to your children.
  • The use of natural ingredients may result in changes in fragrance and color, but there is no problem with the use of the ingredients.
  • If you have a mistaken drink, please immediately take the doctor's diagnosis and proper treatment.
  • Please use it early after you open the seal.

Natural ingredients: 100 % organic rate: 95.75 %

Capacity: 27g

ECO Ecassert Green Life Certification

Cosmos Organic Cosmetics/Cosmos Criteria: http://cosmos.ecocert.com


[Regarding gift wrapping]

All products of RICCI EVERYDAY will give a gift wrapping with tax included ¥ 200-.

If you check the gift wrapping column at the bottom of the product outline page and the purchase button, it will be added to the cart automatically.

Please use it as a gift for loved ones.


* When purchasing multiple products, please list the wrapping items in the remarks column.
* Wrapping method varies depending on the shape and size of the product.
※「Gift boxes are not necessary to add this because it is a wrapping product.


[Regarding delivery notes and receipt issuance] 

From the viewpoint of environmental consideration and efforts to protect personal information, we will implement paperless delivery (purchase statement).

Therefore, please confirm your order by the "confirmation email of your order" sent by us.

If you would like a paper delivery note or a receipt enclosure, please write it in the remarks column at the bottom of the cart page when purchasing.

* We do not accept delivery books and receipts after the shipment is completed or separate shipping with products. Please note.


[Return / exchange]

1. Returns and exchanges due to different images such as colors and size can be accepted after receiving the shipping cost to the customer.
Please contact Store@ricieveryDay.com within 7 days from the date of arrival.
In addition, the following products cannot be returned or exchanged.

・ Used products
・ Products that can be worn out

2. Products due to initial failure
We accept refunds or exchanges for replacement products.
Please contact Store@ricieveryDay.com within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product, and send it to the following address by cash on delivery.

Address: 〒162-0856
2-17 Ichiyanagorocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Ichiya Korocho Building A

If you are using an email prevention filter, we may have been rejected, so our email address () Please make a setting so that you can receive it.

Please note that if you have not set the reception, you may not be notified of the purchase and shipping from us.


Reception setting method

NTT docomo



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