Mini Fruit Cross Shet Basket -Muscat-

¥7,920 - point

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Colorful mini -sized basket bag like a bag as it is.
The design based on the circle is characteristic.

It is a unique design that is different from the previous basket bag. Uganda is a knitting method unique to Uganda, and is knitted by hand.

A small size and a fashion accent. Perfect for a little outing.

It is also recommended to use it as an interior item in your room.

After confirming the order, it will be shipped in up to one week.

W19cm x H17cm x D6cm
* Because it is hand -made, there are some differences in size for each individual. Please note.

Bag body: Raffia / Fooded stems

・ Please refrain from washing with water because it uses natural materials.
・ Please refrain from using it on rainy days, as it may discolor due to extreme water or friction.
・ When removing dirt, tap it from above with cotton or towel containing a diluted neutral detergent.
・ When storing, place it in a place that does not hit the sun as much as possible. If you leave it in a sunny place for a long time, it may fade.

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