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April 25, 2023 (Tuesday) Picture book "Shoujo Soldier Picha" published by Bungeisha.

This picture book will be a picture book designed by TBS reporter and director, Sayoko Kako.
I have also visited RICCI EVERYDAY Uganda Studio.
In the town where Picha, the main character in the picture book, lived with the representative with Chietsu Nakamoto, interviewed Picha, and made this book based on that.

It is based on the actual experience that Picha is involved in the war in the civil war, but plays a long regeneration.
Picha is a 8 -year -old girl. One day, I was suddenly taken to the war as a "child soldier".
Picha could not escape from the harsh every day in the battlefield.
Based on local interviews, the actual situation of "children's soldiers" is drawn as easy -to -understand content and style for Japanese children.
At the end of the book, an interview with an adult Picha is also posted.

Currently, Picha lives as a paper bead accessories and an animal stuffed animal.
Stuffed animals were also sold on RICCI EVERYDAY and became loved by many customers.

Publishing date: April 25, 2023
Publisher: Bungeisha
Shape: B5 format type made
Number of pages: 36 pages

Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1986. Joined TBS Television in 2009 and went to the press in 2011.
After working in the Political Department, the Digital Editorial Department, and Social Affairs Department, he is currently a reporter and director of the "Press Special".
He has been interviewing both domestic and foreign, centered on social issues surrounding women and children, including sexual violence, gender, and child abuse.
In the spring of 2023, she made her debut in a documentary movie on the theme of sexual violence.
I was aspiring to the world of news reports when I witnessed the girls' trafficking site while staying in India as a backpacker as a student.
Currently a mother of one man and one woman. With the world is about to change dramatically, I want to make my life work a life work that keeps my children about the world and peace.

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